Headin’ for the Hills

May 8th, 9th and 10th, 2015

(Ages 9-15 years, Two Act play)

Directed by Paulette Gilbert

The Tollivers and the Calhouns have been feuding for 200 years, making things difficult for Emmy Lou Tolliver and Lee Roy Calhoun, the “Romeo and Juliet of the Hills.” The story of this age-old family feud even appears in the tabloid “Strange But True,” which inspires some near-bankrupt New York publishing houses to send agents to sign up the conflicting families for a book deal. Add Hollywood agents looking for a movie deal into the pot, and you’ve got a rip-snortin’ comedy! So who knows the whereabouts of the missing tabloid writer who never made it back to her office after writing her story about the feud in Lonesome Polecat? Maybe it’s Maw Tolliver and her daughters, Petunia and Dulcy, or it could be Paw Calhoun and his sons, Bubba and Goober. Whatever you do, don’t dare say the word “hillbilly” to Paw or he’ll get his overalls in a bunch!


Closing Night (32 actors and 1 amazing stage manager)

Hills cast pic cropped

1st Rehearsal

1st rehearsal pic cropped