Production & Rehearsal Questions



Sat. February 10 – Parent & Full Cast Meeting AND 1st Rehearsal

April 30, May 1, 2 & 3 – Tech / Full Run Rehearsals

Fri. May 4 – 6pm Opening Performance

Sat. May 5 – 6pm Performance

Sun. May 6 – 4pm Closing Performance & STRIKE



*Your child must be 6 yrs. or older on day of auditions; no exceptions.


*What is the cost for my child to participate?

The participation fee is $140. This helps to cover the cost of scripts, production royalty fees, director fee, set/technical director fee, rental of tech rehearsal space (Forest Charter), rental of production space (North Star House), publicity and set construction supplies.


*As a parent, what will I be responsible for providing or assisting with?

Parents are responsible for providing their child’s costume. We also request 5 hours of volunteer assistance with costume sewing or embellishing, gathering or building of props, set construction, and set break down (striking) after the last performance of show. A check/deposit of $50 is required and held until you have completed your 5 hrs. More details and information will be provided at our Parent & Full Cast Meeting.


*I will be out of town or not available to attend a performance date, tech or dress rehearsal, can my child still audition?

Tech and dress rehearsals and all performances are required for the entire cast and crew. You should not audition if you have conflicts on these dates.


*When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals will be held on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Actors are called only when needed and will never be called for more than 1.5 – 3 hrs. that day. Occasional special or pick-up rehearsals will be on Sundays between 11pm and 2pm. Rehearsals are held at CSDStudio. You will be given a Preliminary Rehearsal Schedule at auditions.


*What if I can’t make all rehearsals?

The audition form asks you to note any dates that you can’t rehearse. We are often able to work around the availability of the actors. School breaks & holidays will be considered and accounted for. Always be honest about your availability. Excessive absences may result in not being able to participate in show.


*Can a parent stay for rehearsals?

It is not necessary to stay for rehearsals. Actors should be delivered and picked up promptly. Actors remaining at a rehearsal must sit quietly so as to not disturb. Observers will be asked to wait in lobby as space is limited due to the number of actors called to rehearsal.